Experience the landscapes of Japan on foot


40 years after living in Japan as a student, I have become a regular wanderer on the old trails of Japan, seeking out the historic ‘uramichi’ of mountains and forests, staying in rural villages, farmstays, onsen hot springs inns and temples.

I document my travels in Japan to share with like-minded walkers who are seeking insight into the culture and landscapes of rural Japan.

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Part 2: Shizuoka Tokaido Trail

Shizuoka Tokaido Trail Highlights With the support of Tourism Shizuoka Japan organisation (TSJ), the following walking itinerary brings together some of the distinctive elements of this beautiful prefecture – restored and remnant sections of the historic Tokaido trail, landscapes of forests and tea plantations with Mount Fuji views, rural backroads and ancient temples. Access between … Continue reading Part 2: Shizuoka Tokaido Trail

Part 1: Following the old Tokaido road through Shizuoka

Soak up the spirit of Edo, walking old trails through the landscape of the Mount Fuji area. Shizuoka Prefecture is easily accessed from Tokyo by train and is full of diverse attractions and great natural beauty. About the old Tokaido road The busiest and most direct route between Tokyo and Kyoto from ancient times was … Continue reading Part 1: Following the old Tokaido road through Shizuoka

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