Upcoming Tour Dates


May 24 – 30                Shizuoka Tokaido & Fuji Trails

May 31 – June 6          Sado Island & Niigata Trails

June 7 – 13                  Tohoku Basho Trail

October 6 – 21            Byzantine Silk Road of the Trans-Caucasus

Istanbul, Southern Caucasus mountains from Azerbaijan to Georgia, Black Sea, & Armenia – visit https://www.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/whatson/Byzantine-Silk-Road-of-the-Transcaucasus

November 8 – 14        Nakasendo Trail

November 15 – 21      Shizuoka Tokaido & Fuji Trails

Namiki Trails Walking tours in Japan are fully guided; all-inclusive 7 days ex-Tokyo or nearest major city; group size – minimum 7 people & maximum 12 people

Please contact me by email at relle@namikitrails.com for enquiries about these walking and cultural tours. Join as a single or put together your own group for a private walking tour in Japan. All Japan tours are booked through Sydney-based Japan travel specialist Pitt Travel.

Image courtesy of Tourism Shizuoka Japan